Advisory Board

Dan O’Halloran

Geoff Channer

Dave DeWolfe



Dan O’Halloran, M.Sc., P.Eng., has over 40 years experience in planning, design and project management of engineering and construction projects. He is the founding President of O’Halloran Campbell Consultants, he has a Master’s degree in marine civil engineering and has been extensively involved at a senior level on numerous successful projects up to $300 million. Dan has played a key role in hundreds of marine and other civil engineering projects in Canada’s Atlantic Region.  He is the 2006 recipient of the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia’s Gold Medal Award, and the 1995 recipient of the Engineering Award. Dan also has considerable business experience. Dan is a member of the MTEC Management Team.

Geoff Channer and is a former owner of Focal Technologies Corporation with strong interests in projects that improve the environment.  Focal currently supplies critical electronic signal parts to Marine Current Turbines for its SeaGen Turbine.

Dave DeWolfe has been involved with tidal issues and studies for over 30 years.  He was head of the Tidal Division at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography for 9 years before starting Discovery Consultants Ltd., a consulting company specializing in tidal studies. Since then, he has completed numerous studies for a variety of clients both Government and private, that include the Coastal Engineering Research Centre in India, the NRC Coastal Engineering Program, and the NS Tidal Power Corporation.  He has authored a number of papers and articles relating to tides. Dave is a Principal Consultant with MTEC.

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