Digby Project

Date: September 2012-January 2013

Project Description: Tidal power service site selection and development plan for the Municipality of the District of Digby. Maritime Tidal Energy worked with Exp Services to prepare a site selection and development plan for tidal power servicing for Digby and area.

Maritime Tidal Energy undertook the following aspects of the project:

  • Interviewing all large scale tidal energy developers with locations at the FORCE site and small scale tidal developers regarding their requirements and plans for use of Digby as a location for fabrication, assembly, deployment, operation and maintenance of tidal energy devices in the Bay of Fundy.
  • Identification of the economic impacts associated with the project, for the local community, region and province. This included supply chain and economic impact assessment, including the use of CANMAC’s input-output modelling expertise for three tidal energy development scenarios.
  • Identification of sources of funding for the development of facilities at Digby.
  • A marketing plan outline for Digby as a tidal energy servicing centre.