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Fraenkel Wright Ltd. is a UK based Consulting Company with whom MTEC periodically partners. The principals, Peter Fraenkel and Martin Wright, are seen to be world leaders in the design and build of in-stream tidal energy systems. They designed and built SeaGen, the first commercial sized, grid connected continually operating , in-stream tidal energy plant in the world.

Campbell Comeau Engineering Ltd. is a structural, civil and marine engineering consulting company. Campbell Comeau provides:

  • Project Management
  • Pre-design and budget estimates
  • Detailed design and tender packages
  • Permitting assistance
  • Site reviews
  • Commissioning

In addition to structural design for all types of buildings, Campbell Comeau provides planning, design and project implementation services for civil and marine engineering including:

  • Wharves and marine structures, dredging
  • Coastal structures, protection
  • Roads, intersections
  • Storm drainage, hydrology
  • Site services
  • Historic structures, rehabilitation
  • Project Management

    IT Power is a leading global renewable energy consulting firm offering technical, engineering and advisory services to public and private sector clients in all aspects of sustainable energy.

    Quadrule Services Inc. James Taylor P.Eng,  joined Nova Scotia Power following graduation from Nova Scotia Tech with a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1978. The first half of his career involved the design and construction of the coal plants involved in the transformation to an indigenous, carbon intensive generation source – Nova Scotia coal.  The second half of his career has been spent in the optimization and operation of the generation facilities and lately the transformation of NSPI from the heavy reliance on coal to a much balanced portfolio of prime energy sources. James retired from NSPI in August, 2011. James chaired the Air Issues Steering Committee of the Canadian Electrical Association which is the prime interface with the federal government on emissions from the electricity sector.  He also chaired the Canadian Subcommittee of the IEC TC 114 working on worldwide standards for marine energy. In 2011, James chaired the development of the Technology Roadmap for Marine Renewable Energy sponsored by NRCan. He is on the board of the Carbon Capture and Storage Research Consortium of Nova Scotia (CCSNS) and Science and Technology Advisory Council of Innovacorp. In 2010, James was recognized by Canada’s marine energy industry association, Marine Renewables Canada, with the Navigator Award for efforts to move this industry forward. In 2011, James was named as one of Canada’s Clean 50 by the Corporate Knights/Delta Management. James has formed a small consulting business, Quadrule Services Inc. Email

    Exp. For selected projects we draw on our association with exp. and the resources of their corporate group, which includes over 3000 staff and with professional engineers, planners, economists, architects, managers and technical staff covering all disciplines.

    Aquatera Ltd. are leading marine energy consultants in Europe with experience in over 20 technology related projects and 5 array level projects as well as environmental and safety specialisations.  Aquatera has also undertaken numerous strategic studies for governments and agencies around the world, so far covering 18 countries.  Aquatera’s contribution to the marine renewable energy sector has been recognised through numerous industry awards won over the 11 years since the company was established and more importantly through long standing relationships it has established with clients, delivery partners and various agencies.

    Collective Wisdom Solutions is a professional services firm that provides consulting services to clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  We have a reputation for quality, diligence and responsiveness in assisting clients to achieve their objectives. We support clients in the design and delivery of realistic solutions tailored to their specific needs. We develop policies, programs, strategies and plans that focus on getting results. We help to make ideas happen – from concept to implementation. Services include:

    ·         Impartial research and thorough business analysis to provide a clear baseline

    ·         Policy development that aligns vision, research results and stakeholder interests

    ·         Business, marketing and strategy development to assist clients define and achieve new goals

    ·         Project management, mentoring and training

    ·         Collaborative processes, facilitation and negotiation support to ensure buy-in

    ·         Change management, team-building and conflict resolution support

    ·         Communications – internal and external – to keep stakeholders informed and involved

    ·         Evaluation to ensure that projects accomplish intended goals

    Discovery Consultants Ltd. has a close working relationship with Maritime Tidal Energy Corp. Dave DeWolfe, Principal Tidal Energy Consultant, is a frequent provider of scientific advice to Maritime Tidal Energy.

    Nowlan Communications provides MTEC with consulting assistance in the communication and public relations fields.

    Open Ocean is a marine energy consultancy specialized in ocean numerical modeling for the marine energy and offshore wind sectors. Based on high resolution ocean numerical modeling, Open Ocean provides a large catalogue of services both for the planification phase

    (resource assessment, site characterization, physical environmental impact,…) and the operational phase with the Ocean Compass offer. Open Ocean provides these services for any location around the world. Open Ocean is involved in several research projects related to the marine energy industry focusing on resource assessment methodology, the impact of turbulence on tidal array design and multiscale ocean numerical modeling. Open Ocean is a member of France Energies Marines and a 2012 recipient of the Young Innovative Company national contest organized by the French Ministry of Research.

    CEF Consultants Ltd. is a Canadian environmental planning corporation, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1983. It work primarily in environmental effects monitoring, marine seismic survey reviews, impact and risk assessment, environmental and fisheries planning, and environmental communications. It is not solely a biophysical firm; we have solid successes in planning, energy policy analysis, and community development.  Key members of the CEF team include founder and President Norval Collins, a fisheries biologist and planner who has worked in environmental planning, impact assessment, environmental monitoring and risk analysis in Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America for twenty-five years.

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